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Aurodo Travel and Transport


Travel And Transport is an educational AUGMENTED REALITY game that teaches children how vehicles, machines and construction equipment operate during the optimal developmental period.
Accelerate learning & recall for life with 200+ educational games that cement knowledge into their subconscious mind.

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Experience Aurodo Travel & Transport

Interactive with Play

Children learn not only by watching, but also by interacting with the objects. Special features allow children to touch the 3D vehicles to learn about each one, how it works and its intended purpose. Enjoy learning about a car, airplane, train, crane, truck, jeep, bulldozer, helicopter, tractor, dirt bike, ambulance and so much more.

Over 200 In-App Learning Quizzes

Boasting more than 200 educational games, Aurodo’s Travel and Transportation will keep children engaged for hours to learn vehicles. In addition to 70 vehicle activities in 3D, children can engage in 65 spelling quizzes, 70 vehicle jigsaw puzzles and 70 surprise scratch quizzes to help improve vocabulary, pronunciations and questioning power.

Learn Offline

There is no Internet required after the one-time setup and also there are no ads to interrupt your child while learning.

Great Gift Idea - Loads of Fun

A great gift for holidays, birthdays and other special occasions, this educational game is designed for children ages 3-8. The kit contains 70 vehicle cards, a device stand and activation code, along with a carrying pouch so you can conveniently store all items inside. Ideal for play at home or on the go, the Aurodo Travel and Transportation Learning Kit is sure to be among the hottest gifts they receive.

One-Time Installation

Following the easy-to-use instructions on the box, you can quickly download the app onto your iPhone 6 or above, iPad 2 or above, or android device with 3G+ RAM. After the app has been downloaded to your device, enter the activation code included with your product. Now your children can get started by simply scanning in the augmented vehicle flash cards and interacting with them in 3D

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We started with a goal thinking how we can create an intuitive experience for kids so that learning about vehicles becomes fun and engaging. Upon research of months and guidance of experienced faculties, we found a way to help kids not only visualize the vehicles but also engage with them and learn about them.

Also, we created an ecosystem by including more than 200 activities in 2D and 3D so, that a child can learn about spellings of vehicles and machines and also practice them using scratch quiz.


Aurodo Travel and Transport helps kids experience and learn about vehicles is a way which was never possible before. The real visualization of vehicles in real environment helps kids not only become creative but also help them improve their imagination. Also, learning about the purpose of vehicles by interacting with them brings a 2 way response and this engages a child more to learn.
Also, in order to make learning strong, we included 65+ phonetic spelling quizzes, 70 jigsaw puzzles and 70 scratch quiz on these vehicles and machines.


The Aurodo Travel and Transport Learning game works on Android and iOS.

Compatible with


  • Ram 3GB & Above


  • iPhone 6 & above


  • iPad Air (All Models)
  • iPad Pro (All Models)
  • iPad 3rd Gen & Above
  • iPad Mini 2 & Above

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